Maestro Custom Raffles IR-A | The Chosen One


The chosen one.


As an amateur fingerstyle guitarist, I have a penchant for guitars that respond to light strokes and subtle nuances, have meaty trebles, sonorous bass and full overtones.


The search for 'the one' drew me repeatedly to the Maestro Concept Store (now The Guitar Shop).


And each time, I almost always chummed up with guitars sporting the Adirondack Spruce-Indian Rosewood pairing. That, and the more lavish Adirondack Spruce-Cocobolo.


But having been raised in a humble and frugal family, I had to heavily opiate my pre-frontal cortex before making my most expensive guitar purchase ever.


Maestro Raffles IR-A



If I had to genderise my guitars, they would be guys; my bros.


But the Raffles IR-A. It's definitely a girl.


Creamy Adirondack Spruce top accentuated by charcoal Ebony bridge and fretboard.



Indian rosewood back and sides.




Sculpted with elegant curves, florentine cutaway and beveled armrest.



Innate beauty necessitated only a hint of cosmetic touches and accessorisation.


Sleek maple purflings and rosewood bindings along the perimeters of the body and neck.



Iridescent glow emanating from the pearl abalone soundhole rosette, inlay and headstock logo.



And most importantly, the way she sings; so much character. Confident, emotive yet with graceful control.



The spring of all the sonic goodness: the internal landscape.


Scalloped parabolic braces reduces the weight without compromising stiffness and structure integrity.



Reversed kerfed linings which has been touted to increase sustain and responsiveness. Bass is clearer and more defined with stronger trebles.



Built for responsiveness, the flexible top and modest bracing make it extremely moisture-sensitive.


Expect slight bloating even when cased with humidisorb. Will need regular pampering with an electric dehumidifier.


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