Yamaha LJ16 (ARE) | The First Love


LJ16 was my 2nd full solid guitar. 

The 1st was a Custom Acoustic FG-30E. Both had Engelmann Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides. 

Maple bindings embrace the top while black-white plastic purflings trace its curvaceous jumbo silhouette. 

Gorgeous gold tuners beam against a rosewood veneer headstock.

In my opinion, Yamaha L series is one of the finest made and best value guitar. Even the 6 series sound terrific! 

Fitted with a plastic nut and saddle, LJ16 also inspired my foray into the territories of guitar setup. 

After much reading and online shopping, I installed my very first bone saddle on LJ16, sanding it to the optimum height and fret radius. 

LJ16 became my staple guitar. Recorded a slew of fingerstyle videos on it.

Simply adore the measured and sweet tone produced by the Engelmann spruce-rosewood pairing.


Despite the relatively heavy build, the top was exceedingly resonant. My guess is that it's due to the torrification of the top which Yamaha calls it acoustic resonance enhancement (A.R.E).

The robust build also made it easy to maintain. Kept in the case, there was never any hint of bloating and the action is perenially stable.
Unfortunately, I was already infected with GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) by then. So I lusted for a better guitar. 

And I went on a protracted hunt for a worthy upgrade.

But it wasn't easy. Almost every guitar that I tried could not compare to LJ16 or the ones that did wasn’t so much better that warrant the splurge. 

But my yolo-mind eventually caved in and I got the Raffles IR

And brainwashed by Marie Kondo, I sold LJ16 shortly afterwards. 

And never a day goes by do I not regret it letting it go.


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