Slash Chords


What does slash in chords mean? (e.g. G/B, D/F# etc)

Generally, a chord is plucked with a bass note corresponding to the chord itself i.e.
ChordsBass NoteFingering
C, C7, Cm, Cm7C5th string, 3rd fret
D, D7, Dm, Dm7D4th string
E, E7, Em, Em7E6th string
F, F7, Fm, Fm7F6th string, 1st fret
G, G7, Gm, Gm7G6th string, 3rd fret
A, A7, Am, Am7A5th string
B, B7, Bm, Bm7B5th string, 2nd fret

However, in some cases, a chord is plucked with a different bass note & that note is indicated after the chord by a slash i.e.

ChordsBass NoteFingering
C/BC chord with B bass
G/BG chord with B bass
D/F#D chord with F# bass
Am/GAm chord with G bass
Em/DEm chord with D bass
D/CD chord with C bass
C/EC chord with E bass

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