Emi Fujita - Ten Million Tears

Key: A
Capo 2 - Play G
IG       ICmaj7    IEm      ICmaj7     I
There's a candle still burning
On the wall is my shadow
       Em         Em/D  C
So I won't feel so all alone
              Am9                                  Em
And your glass is still waiting by your chair
             Am9                         Dsus4 D
Bits and pieces of us keep me company
On a magazine cover
There's a picture of lovers
             Em      Em/D          C    G/B
Walking hand in hand by the sea
Am9                D                 Em
In my mind I'm her and he is you
           Am9        D                   Gsus4 Dsus4 D
Tender chains of love won't set me free
   G   D/F#   Em    
* Ten million tears
    Em/D             C           B                        Em Em/D
I'd cry ten million more for one more day with you
           C                           G
Tender chains surround my heart
             C              G
Till we're no longer apart
           Am7           D                   G
Till that moment, I'll cry ten million tears
Every angry word spoken
All the promises broken 
         Em          Em/D                   C    G/B
Given time each wound would have healed
        Am9              D                         Em
I've rehearsed each word I should have said
             Am9   D               Gsus4 Dsus4 D
Missing you is all I seem to feel *

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