Diana Ross - When You Tell Me That You Love Me

Key: G#
Capo 1 - Play G
            G                                       Em  
I wanna call the stars Down from the sky
Em/D    C                           D   D/C
I wanna live a day That never dies
            Bm7                  B           Em  
I wanna change the world Only for you
Em/D      C                      D
All the impossible I wanna do
            G                                  Em
I wanna hold you close Under the rain
Em/D    C                                       D   D/C
I wanna kiss your smile And feel the pain
                    Bm7     B               Em  Em/D
I know what's beautiful Looking at you
      C                                 D
In a world of lies You are the truth
         D/F# G                               D/F# Em                 Em/D
* And baby Everytime you touch me      I become a hero  
    C                                                   D
I'll make you safe No matter where you are
       D/F#       G                             D/F# Em                      Em/D
And bring you Everything you ask for       Nothing is above me
     C                                     D                                            G
I'm shining like a candle in the dark When you tell me that you love me
            G                                   Em
I wanna make you see Just what I was
Em/D            C                               D    D/C
Show you the loneliness And what it does
                  Bm7         B               Em  Em/D 
You walked into my life To stop my tears
                  C                            D 
Everything's easy now I have you here *
Eb                           G
In a world without you I would always hunger
Cm                              F                    G
All I need is your love to make me stronger *
(Play * in Bb)

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