Corrinne May - Fly Away

Author's Note: This song is dedicated to my Aunt who passed away on 15/12/2007 after a brave fight with cancer.
Key: F#
Capo 1 - Play F
 Bbsus2               Fsus2/A                       Bbsus2                      Fsus2/A
"When will you be home?" she asks As we watch the planes take off 
      Bbsus2                 C          A/C#        Dm7                    Dm7
We both know we have no clear answer to where my dreams may lead
         Bbsus2              Fsus2/A                           Bbsus2          Fsus2/A
She's watched me as I crawled and stumbled As a child she was my world
       Bbsus2         C    A/C#        Dm7         Fsus2/A            Bbsus2 F/C
And now to let me go I know she bleeds and yet she says to me
  Fsus2/A F/Bb  Fsus2/A          Dm7               Dm7
* You can fly so high Keep your gaze upon the sky
        F/Bb              C9    A/C#     Dm7
I'll be praying every step along the way
        F/Bb                       C9        A/C#        Dm7  Dm7/C Dm/B
Even though it breaks my heart to know we'll be so far      apart
  Bbsus2/G   Fsus2/A                Bbsus2 C9           F
I love you too much to make you stay      Baby fly away
Bbsus2                Fsus2/A                Bbsus2         Fsus2/A
Autumn leaves fell into spring time and silver-painted hair 
Bbsus2               C          A/C#          Dm7                    Dm7
Daddy called one evening saying "We need you. Please come back" 
           Bbsus2           Fsus2/A   Bbsus2       Fsus2/A
When I saw her laying in her bed Fragile as a child 
Bbsus2             C       A/C#  Dm7   Fsus2/A      Bbsus2 F/C
Pale just like an angel taking flight I held her as I cried *


  1. Hi, is this normal tuning? I love this song !! but it doesn't sound right on the guitar? what does key of F means?

  2. All songs on this blog is using normal tuning. Check the fingerings of the chords by placing the cursor near them. Key of F means that the song is play to the notes in the F major scale. Enjoy.