Corrinne May - Slow Down

Key: A
Capo 2 - Play G
G                      D/F#
16 hour workday just to provide
Em7                   Em7/D
Everything for his little tyke
     Cadd9           G/B
No time to sing a lullaby
    A7sus4                    D
or give him a piggyback ride
G                   D/F# 
TV babysitter, toys are a bribe
as he speeds out the doorway
            Em7/D                 F
and the car leaves the driveway
                    Em7     Am7  
The boy runs after his father
           Dm7                    Dm7/E
but his steps are too small
     F                       Em7       
He stretches out his hands to reach him
         Am7            Dsus4  D
as he tumbles and falls.
Bbsus2        Cm           Bb/D    Ebmaj7
Slow down, I can’t keep up with you
                          F                        Bb    Cm Bb/D
* You’re getting a little too quick for me to fol  low
Ebmaj7 F                Gm       Gm/F      G#
Slow    down, you’re getting away from me
        Cm                      Bb/D      Ebmaj7
and I don’t know how to slow you down
G                       D/F#
60 years together weathering the times 
      Em7                     Em7/D
The good, the bad, the sweetest sighs 
               Cadd9              G/B
Watching children of their children smile
            A7sus4                             D
as they did when they walked down the aisle 
G                                            D/F#
Walking canes and wheelchairs slowly wind
Em7                    Em7/D           F
Twirling the years, curling their faces
                    Em7        Am7
But now he’s stumbling faster
   Dm7                      Dm7/E
towards that finish line
       F                       Em7 
She stretches out her hands to hold him
         Am7         Dsus4  D
as he closes his eyes
Bbsus2        Cm           Bb/D    Ebmaj7
Slow down, I can’t keep up with you *

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