Redwan Ali - You Make Me Feel Brand New ("二分之一缘分" 插曲)

Key: C
C             G/B            Am7            Am7/G
I am but a foolish man with the only love in his heart
F                                 C/E 
The rain may come, the sun may set
         Dm7            G
but I'll never let you go
C            G/B                 Am7                   Am7/G
All I need is your love, to hear you say that I am your man
F                           C/E 
So tell me now and show me how
           Dm7              E/B E  
I could be your better man
       Am7                   Em
And I'll surrender everything just to be with you
            Dm7                                  Gsus4           G
There is no one in the world like you you make me real
       Am7                        Em
And I'll cross every ocean just to be with you
         Dm7                                              Gsus4           G
Baby you're my dream and you're my soul You make me real
               C                 E         E/G#  Am7
Just like a flame You're burning in my soul
       Gm        C7/E      F           F/G          C   G  
You wake me from the cold You make me real
       G/B   C             E          E/G#  Am7
Cos like a flame You brighten up my world
Gm    C7/E   F                    C/E
Every corner bears a print of you
               D/F#                       Gsus4
You really make me feel brand new

Like a flame You glow within my heart forever more
You make me feel brand new

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