Bread - Everything I Own

Heard this song in Growing Up Season 3 Episode 6 where Mrs Tay passed away. Meaningful lyrics; cherish your loved ones while they are still alive.

Key: A
Capo 7 - Play D
D    D/C#                    D/B  D/A
You sheltered me from harm 
             G     Gm         D     Asus4 A
Kept me warm kept me warm
D    D/C#               D/B  D/A
You gave my life to me 
           G   Gm       D   Asus4 A
Set me free set me free
Em          G               A
The finest years I ever knew 
Em             G                      A
Were all the years I had with you
         G               D   Em     A
* And I would give anything I own 
G               D        Em         A
Give up my life my heart my home 
G               D     Em     A
I would give everything I own
           G                     D
Just to have you back again 
            G                      D
(Just to touch you once again)
D    D/C#                   D/B  D/A
You taught me how to love
              G Gm         D  Asus4 A
What it's of   what it's of
D             D/C#       
You never said too much
But still you showed the way
        C     G/B                 D
And I knew from watching you
Em       G                    A
Nobody else could ever know
Em           G                      A
The part of me that can't let go *
            D/B                                 D/A
Is there someone you know You're loving them so
      D/G                     D/G
But taking them all for granted?
D/F#       Em                                     Em/D
You may lose them one day Someone takes them away
              C                                             A
And they don't hear the words you long to say * 

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