Sezairi Sezali - Broken

Key: C
C                      G/B         Am7              F           
Dropped off your keys last night the front door still unpainted
C                G/B     Am7  F         
You were polite like ice I, once could met it
C                             G/B                                        Am7          
You took our pictures down and you left them on the ground
                 F                      F/G
it's like you wiped all the memories,
C              G/B      Am7          D                
of what we used to be you and me before it all crashed down.
  F                         G                   C                      Am7
* And I know I never told you that I love you now it's all too late.
F                                 G                  C                   F          C/E        Dm7
And I don't know how to hold you but I want to I don't want to leave this way
       G                  C  
All I know is broken
C               G/B                           Am7          F  
I heard your voice break when you said "well I hope you're happy"
C                      G/B                 Am7  F              
Nothin' to say I'll stare straight into my coffee
C                              G/B                                              Am7
Then the conversation changed how we talked around the blame

and the pain of losing
C            G/B           Am7           D   
All of the good times lost When it all crashed down *

F                                        Am7
Well I'm here if you need me I know you don't believe me
F                       C              G/B      Am7     Am7
Well I'm so sorry For all the pain I've caused ho-oohhhhh *

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