Corrinne May - Song for Singapore (NDP 2010 Theme Song)

Key: G
Capo 2 - Play F
It's a brand new day a brand new story
Bbsus2/D                                 Bbsus2                 F
I remembered the way it used to be We've come so far
You're my history you're my beginning
   Bbsus2/D                                         Bbsus2
In all I've done I've been nurtured in your arms
And you carried me this far
               C                            Bbsus2/D
* I want to sing Sing a song for Singapore
        Bbsus2                        Csus4                   C
With every generation there's more to be grateful for
                    C                            Bbsus2/D
So come and sing Sing a song for Singapore 
                Bbsus2                             Csus4  C
You're my brother you're my sister I'm thankful for 
              C                   Bbsus2/D Bbsus2                
my Singapore My Singapore Singapore
Come together everybody 
Bbsus2/D                                Bbsus2            F
Fly the flag and share our story Live our wildest dreams
Celebrate the red and white 
      Bbsus2/D                            Bbsus2
The moon and stars in harmony unite 
Let every colour every heart *
We've had our ups and downs 
Bbsus2                                                C
Sometimes the best things are taken for granted 
G#maj7                             Bbsus2
You're my family you're my home *

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