Holding the World Together

Congratulations to Chung Ling High School for their inaugural international student camp! Many thanks for being wonderful hosts.
Key: F
Capo 5 - Play C
        C                                        F
They say we have a better world today
        Dm7      G                 C     Csus4 C
They say that it’s a modern world
Am7                         D7
Revolution has taken place
                     F                          G
And here they are to globalize the world
        C                                     F
They say we are the hope of the future
       Dm7   G                 C     Csus4 C
And so we have to be prepared
        Am7                                D7
They give us education And say this is the way
                   F      G          C     Csus4 C
To make the world a better place
      Cm                     G#    F                          G
But why are there still wars Why are there still people dying
Cm                 G#                  F                                   G
When will they savour peace? When? When will all this end?
  Am7     F             G              C
* Hand in hand let’s inspire the world
Am7     Am7/G    F  G
We are here with an aspiration
Am7           F           G                  C
We owe the world its future and we shall
Am7    Am7/G  F      G           C         Csus4 C
Build it with our friendship and strength

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