Glee Cast - Can’t Fight This Feeling

Key: A
Capo 2 - Play G
    G           D/F#    
    Em7         D
G                    D/F#          Em7  D
I can't fight this feeling any longer 
       Am7          E/G#            Dsus4 D
And yet I'm still afraid to let it flow 
         G                  D/F#                        F     E
What started out as friendship has grown stronger 
         Am7  G/B      C                      Dsus4 D
I only wish I had the strength to let it show
          C                           G/B 
~ And even as I wander I'm keeping you in sight 
             C                                    G                       D
You're a candle in the window on a cold dark winters night
       C                  D  Em7                       Dsus4 D C
And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might
                                G             Am7  C
* And I can't fight this feeling anymore 
                            G                    Am7  C
I've forgotten what I started fighting for 
                               G                Am7        G/B                 C
It's time to bring this ship into the shore And throw away the oars 
                         G                   Am7          G/B                          C
(Even if I have to crawl upon the floor Come crushing through your door)
          Dsus4             D             G
Baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore 
      G                           D/F#                  Em7    D
My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you 
              Am7                 E/G#            Dsus4 D
I've been running round in circles in my mind 
          G                              D/F#      F      E
And it always seems that I'm following you, girl 
                 Am7                G/B            C                 Dsus4 D
'Cause you take me to the places that alone I'd never find ~ *

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