Glee Cast - Teenage Dream

Key: Eb
Capo 3 - Play C
   Fmaj7         Am7 Am7/G         
Fmaj7                         Am7/G                Fmaj7
You think I'm pretty without any make-up on 
                                     Am7/G                  Fmaj7
You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong
                                Am7/G                     Fmaj7   Am7/G
I know you get me so I'll let my walls come down, down
Fmaj7                   Am7/G                 Fmaj7
Before you met me I was a wreck But things were kinda heavy
       Am7/G                       Fmaj7
You brought me to life Now every February
Am7/G               Fmaj7      Am7/G
You'll be my valentine, valentine
               Fmaj7 Am7/G               Fmaj7      Am7/G
~ Let's go all the way tonight No regrets, just love
            Fmaj7    Am7/G                 Fmaj7     Am7/G
We can dance until we die You and I We'll be young forever
  Fmaj7            Am7/G                   Fmaj7
* You make me Feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream
Am7/G                         Fmaj7         Am7/G
The way you turn me on I can't sleep Let's runaway
              Fmaj7                      Am7/G
And don't ever look back Don't ever look back
Fmaj7             Am7/G                      Fmaj7                             Am7/G
My heart stops When you look at me Just one touch Now baby I believe
Fmaj7       Am7/G                               Fmaj7                     Am7/G
This is real So take a chance And don't ever look back Don't ever look back
Fmaj7               Am7/G                      Fmaj7
We drove to Cali And got drunk on the beach
                        Am7/G               Fmaj7
Got a motel and Built a fort out of sheets
                          Am7/G                  Fmaj7           Am7/G
I finally found you My missing puzzle piece I'm complete ~ *
                        Fmaj7                  Am7/G                         Fmaj7               Am7/G
I might get your heart racing In my skin-tight jeans Be your teenage dream tonight
                        Fmaj7                        Am7/G                
Let you put your hands on me and my skin-tight jeans
            Fmaj7                Am7/G
Be your teenage dream tonight *

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