Michael Learns To Rock - You Took My Heart Away

Key: A
Capo 2 - Play G
G                                Am7/G
Staring at the moon so blue 
Am7                                Bsus4 B
Turning all my thoughts to you 
Em               Em/Eb
I was without hopes or dreams
Em/D           A/C#
Try to dull an inner scream
      Am7            D        C/E  D/F#
But you saw me through
                      G                                      Em
* You took my heart away When my whole world was grey
                    C                                  D    C/E
You gave me everything and a little bit more
       D/F#       G                                      Em
And when it’s cold at night And you sleep by my side
C                       D                    C G
You become the meaning of my life
G                          Am7/G
Living in a world so cold
Am7                                  Bsus4 B
You were there to warm my soul
       Em                    Em/Eb
You came to mend a broken heart
       Em/D            A/C#
You gave my life a brand new start
       Am7          D    C/E  D/F#
And now I ’m in love *
Em              Em/D C         D       G        D/F#
Holding your hand   I won’t fear tomorrow
Em                 Em/D       Am7        D   Esus4 E   
Here where we stand We never be alone *
(Play * in A)

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