Dick Lee - Life Story

One of my favorite songs as a kid. if you are as old as I am, you'd probably have heard this song in an insurance commercial.

Key: E (Verse/Chorus) G (Bridge)
E                  B     C                           G
Wake up she said Look it's a beautiful day
D7/F#                 Bsus4   B           Em          B
Downstairs to the kitchen door And then away
E         B      C                            G
Into the light morning feeling lives on
D7/F#                       B                              Em  B
Come the clouds, the moon and morning is gone
G                       D/F#               Em              Bm7
Born today some years ago and had a happy childhood 
        C                   G/B      Am7                  D
But I fell in love and out and nothing's changed 
G                 D/F#                   Em                        Bm7
Lived a life of nothing much but then how much can one expect? 
     C                       G/B                   Am7           B
So there you are my life has gone but I'm the same
               E  G#m  A             B            E
* Just my life story minute by second a story
       F#m          B                   E                A 
That goes on forever with each breath that I take
       B       E  G#m  A   B             E
This is my life story uneventfullest story 
       F#m                B                        A E/G# F#m E
That ages with each year and birthday cake
E               B    C                              G
Get up she said Hurry or you might be late
D7/F#            B              Em                 B
Everyday you hurry off to make your days 
E                      B      C                                G
Learn something new What are you hoping to prove?
D7/F#                    B                         Em    B
Make some money Find a wife Have a kid or two
G                    D/F#                 Em                       Bm7
Thinking back I like to dream of things I would have done
            C                G/B                   Am7       D 
If I were braver then again or not what can I do? 
G            D/F#           Em                  Bm7
Maybe if I had another chance I'd go into my past 
      C                     G/B               Am7           B
And make my life a better one For me and you *
G                         D/F#                Em                    Bm7
When it's time and I must close I'll write a book and sign it X 
       C                     G/B                      Am7               D 
And send it to some true romance type magazine somewhere 
G                         D/F#                Em                   Bm7
Then the world will read of me and say there lived a hero
            C                          G/B         Am7               B 
But too late my friends and enemies I guess life isn't fair
          E   F#m     C#m7         B
So my life story is self explanatory 
                G#m                          A                   F#m
Won't you please start from page one and do go on 
B        E     A       E      A       E
Till I'm done till I'm done till I'm done

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