Hady Mirza - Shine For Singapore (NDP 2008 Theme Song)

Key: E
Capo 4 - Play C
C                                           G/B               Am7
Have you seen a star One that guides you no matter where you are?
             Am7/G        F                         C/E
However vast the sky may be Or dark it seems
                 D7/F#                             Fm        G
You can be sure, It's always there for you and me
C                                             G/B                        Am7       
Have you heard a song One that moved you One that made you sing along?
                          Am7/G         F
Your dreams and hopes will all come true  
            Em Asus4  A7               Dm7      Dm7/C    Bb  G
If you believe               that every vision begins with you
C                                                     Em
Shine for Singapore This is your song Deep inside your heart where it belongs
                F                          Am7 D7/F#            Dm7                         G
It'll always stay Strive for your goals       You will achieve with visions so bold
C                                                   Em
Shine for Singapore This is our song Reach out for the sky Far and beyond
                  F                         C/E D7/F# Dm7            G       C
As one we'll stand We're Singapore           It's here that we belong

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