AHM 2011

It was my 1st half marathon after I was diagnosed with having Iliotibial band syndrome - a condition that delivers sharp pains to my lateral knee on prolonged usage. And an overdose of adrenaline led to me sleeping only 3 hours the night before. But thankfully, I completed it, safe and sound. Unlike my previous runs where I was focused on timing, this time, I set out to enjoy the run and to preserve my knee.

The first 14km was enjoyable; I maintained a steady stride, taking time to enjoy the scenery and performances en route; properly hydrating my body with water and electrolytes at every water point.

I’d already planned to stop when I feel the slightest of pain in my knee and it happened on reaching 15km. Thankfully for the salonpas first aid stations that delivered mists of analgesic to my muscles and joints, I was able to jog-walk the rest of the run.

Though a little disappointed with my timing which was much slower than my previous runs, I am consoled that I can still walk without much difficulty afterwards.

A song that was heard along the way:

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