Smurf + Singapore Flyer

It was a smurf-ful day as I caught the little blue people prance around on the big screen humming to the incredibly infectious tune: ~la la la la la la, la la la la la~. The plot was typical feel-good: villain tries to harm the main characters; main characters truimph with help of human; human develops friendship with them but at some point gets angry with them; happy ending. What I love most about the movie was the stupidity and antics of the villain Gargamel; the scene where he turns around to appear from the mist. Epic.

After the movie, I went on the Singapore Flyer; despite this being my second time, I was still very much mesmorised by the 360 degree panoramic view of urbanisation in the cityhall area. I am struck by the rapidness at which the area is being developed - numerous buildings with increasingly elaborate architecture have been erected; the F1 infrastructure is already in place in preparation for the night race.

The highlight of the day was dinner at the Singapore food trail. The setting (the makeshift stalls, the cool air, the bustling yet relaxed ambience) was so well-crafted that I felt that I'd walked into the past era or to another country where I could enjoy solace from the ubiquitous concrete jungle and modern busyness. Plus the food was good; alittle pricey but the enjoyable dining atmosphere was more than worth it.

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