iSonic Meditation App

I love the iSonic meditation app. It first caught my eye because of its exquisite design; the sleek interface, the beautiful images of places in Korea. It is not an instructional app but contains soothing music and sounds of nature.

I was listening to it one day while at the same time multitasking: replying emails, my half read newspaper sprawled across the desk, waiting for my photos to be uploaded.. And in my mind a storm was brewing. A million synapses firing all at once, reminding me of the worries at work, the workouts that I've been shelving, the perennial gripe that there should be more to life than what I'm going through..

After some time had passed, I suddenly became mindful of my thoughts. And I realised that my mind and body had become more centered.. centered to the music and the sounds. And at that moment I felt more contented.

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