Friends With Benefits

Despite the unflattering reviews, I still caught the romantic comedy starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. The similarities in theme to recent movie "No Strings Attached" led to unavoidable comparisions and "Friends with Benefits" pales in comparison. Everything about the movie lacks depth; the plot, the script; the actors.

The saving grace was the last scene where Dylan expresses his love for Jamie using a flash mob to the song "Closing Time" in Times Square. That scene (and the lunch scene between Dylan and his dad) was pretty well written.

Oh and anyone remembers Jenna Elfman? The actress of the late 90s sitcom Dharma and Greg. She plays Dylan's sister in the movie and age has visibly caught up with her. But I still found her familiar and a quick google led me to recall the sitcom I used to watch when it was aired. Nostalgic.

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