The Change-Up

Two men, dysfunctional in their own ways, wished that they had each others lives while peeing into a fountain. Their wishes came true, and while living out their new lives, they learnt about their dysfunctionalities and work to get their lives back on track.

It was a cliché plot but nonetheless an excellent movie, with several great themes being played out, interspersed with good humour. I guess many of us would fall into either the "Dave-type" (workaholic, goals-driven, overwhelmed with work, upset with life, not spending time with loved ones) or the "Mitch-type" (drifting through life, no serious plans, never going to achieve anything in life). Being slanted towards the "Dave-type", the movie offered much to think about. Especially the scene where Dave lived out all the things that he wished he had the time to (reading at a cafe, learning to rollerblade, taking a dump) played out to the uplifting notes of Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. Pretty inspiring images.

On a random note, when I visited the toilet post-movie, I saw a group of guys peeing at the urinal, cheekily exclaiming "I wished I had your life!"

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