Broun Cafe

Friday evening. Dinner with a Germany-bound friend at Broun Café, which is tucked within the array of shophouses along North Canal road. We decided to check out the place because it has live music every Wednesday – Saturday nights.

Settling in at the café, I was impressed by the whole Broun theme: everything, from the interior design, the walls, the lights to the menus and serviettes, were tastefully designed yet down-to-earth, creating a cozy and relaxed dining atmosphere. I ordered the herb-grilled chicken and it was good. The infusion of a sweet tangy sauce (called the ‘Broun’ sauce which I later came to know from their website) on the dish gave it a wonderfully different taste.

The music started around 7 and on that night, the band played a couple of radio hits e.g. Moves like Jagger, Perfect and Have I told you lately etc. The band was pretty good; the diners were well.. moving to the fast numbers and cooing to the slow ones.

The drums were a little too loud though; kind of reminded me of the days when I had band practices in my hall’s music room where the over-passionate drummer would lash out on the drums, tormenting my ears (naturally I quitted after one semester). It feels like the thumping is amplified by resonance within the small confines of the café; I think that the setting is more suited for acoustic, unplugged sessions (think Boyce Avenue).

Nevertheless, it was a great dining experience.. good ambience, good food, good music.. will definitely be back.

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