Sunday Evening Run

It was supposed to be a routine Sunday evening run. But an impulse left turn instead of my usual right led me on an unexplored path and surprise surprise, brought me to a whole new paradise - Punggol Promenade via the Serangoon Park Connector. An avid park lover, I wonder how the news managed to escape my watchful eyes.

I have always envied people who live near places like Pasir Ris or East Coast park for they could enjoy the beautiful scenery during their runs while poor me have to settle for pedestrian pavements polluted with the traffic exhaust. So finding this route is a dream come true. Naturally my maiden run in the Promenade was punctuated with stops as I whipped out my iPhone to take the picturesque surroundings.

Singapore is becoming such a nice place to live in. Kudos to URA. This is home truly.. where I know I must be..

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