World Without Fences (Clean & Green Singapore 2012 Theme Song)

Composer: Lee Fengheng
Key: B
Capo 4 - Play G
G          G/B            C        G          Em     Bm7 
Have we walked this earth? Have we felt her pain? 
Em     D    C         G   G/B C
All we ever do is in vain
G            G/B       C               G         Em      Bm7
Time and seasons change But are we still the same? 
Em       D          C            Cm D G
Can we love her more this way?
Am                     C                    G                      D
Hand in hand, we will rebuild The gardens of yesterday 
   Am                             C                  
A world without fences, a world without names
   F              C/E                 Dsus4                 D
A dream of a homeland with hearts so changed
              Bb C G                          Bb           C        G 
Reaching for a place, where we'll rebuild what we’ve erased 
            Am   G/B  C               Am  G/B C
Hand in hand we’ll save And believe that change 
                G/B        D       G   G/B   C
Starts with you, and me today

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