You are the Apple of My Eye《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》Movie Review

I finally watched 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 a fortnight after it opened in the cinemas. I rarely watch Chinese movies (the last one being 海角七號), but after seeing raving comments splashed on my facebook wall and hundreds of likes on the theme song 那些年 on Chords Haven, I couldn’t miss it, could I?

Based on the novel by famous Taiwanese writer 九把刀, the plot revolves around a bunch of guys and the class belle through high school and beyond, portraying themes of the idiocy of the high school years, teenage romance and friendship. Another controversial feature of the movie is its quirky and crude humour.

I feel that the success at the box office lies in the clever use of the teenage romance theme to tug at the heart strings of the viewers; yearning for the carefree-ness of the student years, the innocence of teenage love. Well, the good looking male and female leads and the infectious acoustic love songs definitely helped too. Check out the movie OST!

Thought the story idea is not very different from the numerous 网络小说 that was so popular sometime back, what I like about the movie is the uniqueness of its filming style, which makes it one in a million.

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