Sheena Easton - Almost Over You

Key: Ab
Capo 1 - Play G
G                            Bm           C                Am7       
I saw an old friend of ours today She asked about you
  Am7                  D
I didn't quite know what to say
G                                     Bm           
Heard you been makin the rounds' round here
C                    Am7               Am7          D9
While I've been trying to make tears disappear
  D7         G        G/B C  G/B    Am7    D9            G
* Now I'm almost over you    I've almost shook this blues
     D9           G                G/B           A7
So when you come back around After paintin' the town
                    Am7    D9   G
You'll see I'm almost over you
G                                            Bm              
You're such a sly one with your cold, cold heart
           C                Am7       Am7          D
Maybe leavin' came easy but it tore me apart;
G                                                  Bm     
Time heals all wounds they say and I should know
             C                  Am7          Am7        D9
Cause it seems like forever but I'm lettin you go *
Em                                                              C    G/B   Am7   D
I can forgive you and soon and I'll forget all my shattered dreams 
Em                                                                  Bsus4 C# Bbm Eb C# Eb  
Although you left me with nothing to show Full of mi      se  ry *
(Play * in G#)

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