Easy to be Cool!

What do you remember best about Sports Day during your school days? The adrenaline-charged races; the “bombing” between the different groups of supporters; or the passionate cheering that leave you devoid of your voice afterwards?

For me, I recall most fondly of… the MILO Truck! Between events, hoards of students would religiously make their way to the trademark green truck for a refreshing ice cool Milo. Well, some literally camp in the vincinity; who cares about the races. To us then, the truck is a god-send for the cold beverage offers a respite from the sweltering heat and the rich malt-y, chocolate-y flavour never fails to trigger the release of endorphins.

Not too long ago, I saw the TV advertisement of Milo Easy Cool which shortcircuits the once-arduous DIY preparation of ice Milo (more affectionately known as Milo Peng or Tak Kiu!); just add cold water to the powder and Viola!

Intrigued by the Science behind the dissolution of the mixture in cold water (which is unfavourable by the way) and my love for the beverage, I have always wanted to try it. And my wish came true; thanks to omy and Nestlé Singapore.

Presented with a pack of Milo Easy Cool and a shaker bottle, I carried out my maiden trial. Verdict: it's really that easy! Pour the mixture into the bottle, add cold water and shake! It is so convenient! I can foresee myself enjoying cold Milo at the gym making use of the water cooler. To my fellow gym-rats, go get yourself a pack this month and you get the bottle bundled! Check out the facebook page for more information and to take part in a contest!

Oh! I was too carried away by the excitement of preparing the cold version of the drink that I didn’t bother to figure out the Science behind it. Maybe next time.

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