王若琳 - I Love You

Key: C#
Capo 1 - Play C
C G/B Am7 Am7/G                F               F/G        C
I  love  you           say we’re together baby you and me
C                         Em                           Am7 
I can only give my life And show you all I am 
Am7/G           F        F/G
In the breath I breathe
C                             Em                                  Am7 
I will promise you my heart And give you all you need 
Am7/G             F    F/E
If it takes some time
  Dm7                            Am            
~ If you tell me you don’t need me anymore 
Em                                 B7
That our love won’t last forever 
Dm7                    Am          
I will ask you for a chance to try again
Em                              F       Fm G
To make our love a little better
  C G/B Am7 Am7/G                 F           
* I  love  you           say we’re together, baby
C/E             Dm7      G
Say we’re together, oh
C G/B  Am7 Am7/G                  F            F/G         C
I  need you            I need you forever baby You and me
C                                                  Am7
Say you hardly know Exactly who I am
     Am7/G         F      F/G
So hard to understand
C                            Em                         Am7
I knew right from the start The way I felt inside
Am7/G           F     F/E
If you read my mind ~ *
E                                         Am7
Remember when you used to hold me
E                                            Am7 Am7/G
Remember when you made me cry
                    F           C/E       Dm7           G
You said you loved me Oh you did yes you do *

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