Juwita Suwito - Part Of A Fool

Key: E
Capo 4 - Play C
      C                               F/C 
I've been there before and I just can't let go
      C                                   F/C    G
The memories and pain of the hurt I know
       Em            Am7                   Em          Am7
Now deep in the night, and there's passion inside
          Dm7       G 
Dare I follow my heart?
     C                               F/C 
An innocent smile, then a walk in the night
             C                                     Dm7   G   G/F
Then it's dinner at home served with candlelight
           Em              Am7            Em           Am7
and it's been quite a while since I felt good inside
          Dm7       G
Dare I follow my heart?
         Fmaj7                        C/E
~ Do I feel something special inside of you?
       Fmaj7                      D7/F#   G
Do I know what you really think of me?
                                     F          G      C
* And the raindrops keep falling into my heart 
                          F          G          C
and I just can't deny what feels so right
                      F        G         C    
Do I let myself go and feel the rain 
                              F         G       Am7
or should I play with caution and refrain? 
                Dm7                        Am7
Whatever I do, when it comes to you, 
                                  F            G          C
I know sometimes love plays the part of a fool
  C                                        F/C 
I know what's in store though I can't say much more
   C                        Am7          F             G
A chance worth the taking has opened its door
        Em           Am7               Em          Am7
and I can't say I love you, and I can't say I don't
       Dm7       G
but I do wish I knew ~ *

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