Until The Last Moment

Sometime back, I posted this video on a personal blog, with the words of Yanni:

(This song) It's about not forgetting how to enjoy life...you know sometimes we get caught up in our troubles & our problems & we let life, sort of, slip away... & life is precious... all of life... & one must try to take in as much of it as possible...

Time to time, I feel something gnawing at me; that I’m letting my life slip away… by not pursuing my true passions but settling for something that’s socially acceptable and delivers a stable paycheck.

Recently, the feeling was rekindled while reading an article;

24-year-old Ioana Hociota fell to her death in a hike through the Grand Canyon, which would have made her the youngest person to ever hike the entire length of the canyon.

What jolted me was the words of her husband Andrew Holycross: “She accomplished more in 24 years than a lot of people do in a lifetime and she lived fully…

Hociota recently graduated in mathematics and biology at Arizona State University, after immigrating from Romania in 2002. She could speak English, French, Spanish, and Romanian. She ran in marathons and loved yoga.

I am many years older than Ioana; what have I accomplished? I had a scholarship, got a good degree and now a stable job. Omg, I feel so lame and boring.

May I have the courage to live life fully. May all have the courage to live life fully.

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