Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star

Key: Dm
                   Dm7                                        E7b9   
~ Just like a star across my sky Just like an angel off the page
                  Am7                                   Am6
You have appeared to my life Feel like I'll never be the same
                Dm7                               E7b9
Just like a song in my heart Just like oil on my hands
     Am7           Bbmaj7
Oh I do love you
          C7        Fmaj7                      E
* Still I wonder why it is I don't argue like this
              Am7         Gm  C7             Fmaj7                      E
With anyone but you We do it all the time Blowing out my mind
                Dm7                                                  E7b9   
You've got this look I can't describe You make me feel like I'm alive,
                         Am7                             Am6
When everything else is au fait Without a doubt you're on my side
                  Dm7                                         E7b9
Heaven has been away too long Can't find the words to write this song
    Am7        Bbmaj7
Oh Your love *
                 D9                                         E7
Now I have come to understand The way it is
             Am9                                    G7sus4
It's not a secret anymore 'cause we've been through that before
           D9                                           E7
From tonight I know that you're the only one
                  Am9                                  G7sus4
I've been confused and in the dark Now I understand * ~

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