Did you see it?

The biggest and brightest full moon of the year illuminated our sky last night.

Revolving in an elliptical orbit around our planet, last night’s event was a rare one where our satellite came closest to us while reaching its full phase.

I waited expectantly for the moon, hoping to catch it rising from the horizon where it would appear the biggest. I didn’t. When I saw the moon, it was already climbing up the zenith. But still, I was absorbed by its beauty; its perfectly circular luminous canvas, lightly sponged with grey blotches that paints the imagination of the childhood rabbit that resides on the moon.

Sharing two beautiful songs about the moon:

1. Corrinne May - Same Side of The Moon

2. Olivia Ong - Fly Me To The Moon


  1. Hi!love yr post! So nicely written. btw, what do u mean by the rabbit that resides on the moon?

  2. Thanks! Well, in many folklore, there lives a rabbit on the moon.
    Try looking out for its silhouette during the next full moon!