Taipei Station

I have been to Taiwan three times; twice in the last two years. And the thing I miss most about the place is the street food!

My last trip there was on a Dynasty Travel Yummy Taiwan tour and as the name suggested, we got to savour the trademark dishes at every location we went to. Showcasing my favourites:

It is a common grouse amongst Singaporeans that it is hard to find tasty and authentic Taiwan food back home. I totally agree. But over the years, the situation has eased with outlets hawking Taiwan street food sprouting across the island.

Introducing Taipei Station, a Taiwan street food eatery, located at Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma), boasting of specially imported ingredients and equipment and most importantly, authentic recipes.

Thanks to the management, I was treated to an assortment of their star dishes.

My personal favourite was the vermicelli. The gravy was pretty authentic and the sour tang of vinegar made the dish very appetising. The braised pork was fragrant with the blend of meat and fats melting in the mouth as you chew on it. I would prefer a little more gravy on the rice though.

I also like the springy mushrooms with a dash of sour plum powder rendering the dish a unique taste. And the broccoli; I never knew broccoli could taste like that. Parents with children who refuse to touch their greens: you may want to introduce them to this dish. Vegetable lovers: you will love this unique variation of the broccoli.

I’m sure he’d have loved it too!

Craving for authentic Taiwan street food? Can’t afford the time and $$ to make a trip to Taiwan? Do drop by Taipei Station to satisfy your cravings. Check out their menu at

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