Breaking Dawn - Part 2 @ GV City Square

I have a confession.

I have never heard of “Twilight”. To all twilighters, no, I don’t live in Zimbabwe. And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve not watched a single LOTR or Harry Potter either.

When I received the invite to watch “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2”, I wanted to do some catching up on the earlier instalments but horror horror, there are four movies before this concluding episode.

But good news for Zimbabweans like me, it wasn’t too hard to catch on the storyline. A causal scan of the earlier plots on Wikipedia or imdb definitely helped.

We watched the movie at the newly opened GV City Square which like the other GV cineplexes, boasts of stadium seating. With more leg room than the A380 offers (lower deck I mean), you no longer have to endure the contorting of your lower limbs for the duration of the movie.

And with the "I create my snack pack" offer, couples no longer have to debate over whether to get the popcorns or the nachos. At $8.50, you will get to mix-and-match any 2 items including Nachos, Jumbo Hotdog, Popcorn or Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. For once, we both got to enjoy the movie snack we prefer with just one purchase.

Now back to the movie. Not exactly one to swoon over the romantic exchanges of Edward and Bella, I was more impressed by the unexpected fleeting humour that sprouted between the solemn scenes.

Being the final instalment of the widely popular series, there is immense expectation for a grand ending sequence worthy of the story. And the production team absolutely nailed it.

The face-off of the allied vampires with the Volturi got me sitting at the edge with the blood curling scenes of the good vampires getting decapitated. The initial gross of seeing a dislodged head was quickly replaced with fury and the impetus to tear the heads off the aggressors. *rawr* And to top it off, it culminates in a happy ending – I just love happy endings.

Thank you Golden Village and OMY for the invite.

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