Che'Nelle - Baby I Love You


Key: F#
Capo 6 – Play C

          C                             Esus4 E

* Baby I love you, I love you, I love you

                        Am7                    Gm               C7

I have found the only one, only one that is meant for me

          Fmaj7                         C/E                 Am7

You're always on my mind, I'll go through whatever

Dm7                               G

Me and you will ride into eternity


C                                Esus4     E

Baby we can go places Maybe a trip around the world


As you and I look up into the clouds

          Gm                       C7

I keep tellin' myself I gotta tell him how I feel inside


I guess I la-la but I keep holdin' back

                          C/E                  Am7

cos I don't wanna scare you away Yeah, it's just me,


so frustrated I wish I'd say it naturally


My heart is racing, cos boy I want you constantly

C                                                   Esus4                      E

Me and you and now chemistry, huh It's so amazing that I want it more


But I can't help but think that you have someone else

                   Gm                           C7

Don't wanna pay my mind attention this way


I try to block it out all this time with you

                      C/E                    Am7

I can't believe I have a doubt, I'm so crazy

                     Dm7                                    G

but you could save me Baby, please let me know you're in love with me


            Fmaj7   Em7      Am7                                       C7 

~ (Baby I donno why) I'm telling stories in my head now I can't sleep at night

          Fmaj7      Em7            Am7                   C7    

(Baby you donno why) Leavin' me tonight it just don't feel right

Fmaj7                         Em7

But I can't wait til I'll be seeing you here again

C                G/B              Am7          Am7/G 

I'm trying to break my insecurities so I can explain

Dm7                      C/E                  Fmaj7 G

Everything I wanna say that I kept inside *


          C                            Esus4 E

^ Baby I love you, I love you, I love you

                           Am7                    Gm               C7

I swear you're the only one, only one Nothing's gonna change

     Fmaj7                      C/E        Am7

I'm always by your side, this is forever

Dm7                                               G

Like the stars my love will shine next to your heart


What's all around me baby I don't care

Esus4                              E 

Your face is all I see when you're not here


And I'm so surprised though I get carried away

           Gm                                   C7

I could lose a day from thinkin' you might not feel the same


But let me just say, I gotta turn it up

                            C/E                       Am7

Cos it don't matter, maybe it's time but trust what I feel


And I just need your love to follow me


Cos now you know that you're my world, my everything, everything


Fmaj7               Em7                 Am7                      C7

Now baby when I sleep at night I close my eyes and smile

Fmaj7                      Em7                     Am7        C7

And when I'm kissing you I feel my body light up inside

Fmaj7                                Em7

I hope you never ever think about letting me go

C          G/B                Am7             Am7/G

If I don't have you baby I would rather be on my own

Dm7                       C/E                                       Fmaj7                 G

What we have is so untouchable, unbreakable, and we will go on and on * ^


Fmaj7 C/E         Dm7

We     will light a fire if we're in the dark

Fmaj7  C/E Dm7

And I'll be a fighter if we're apart

Fmaj7                    Em7         C  G/B Am7 Am7/G

We can't tell what's comin' but I'm not worried

F                     Gsus4 G

Cos I believe in us   in love * ^


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