David Choi - You and Me


Key: F
Capo 5 – Play C


C                             Em 

Why you gotta be so far away from me

F                 F/G                     C

Over here is where you should be

C                  Em

All I can do is wait, for a change

        F                           F/G              C

But I wonder if you'll even come to this place

   Dm7                                    G7 

~ Everybody's lucky where you are

Dm7                                            G7

I hope you can hear me over there Playing this guitar


       C             G7 C7 F                      Fm

* It's times like this   I wish I had some wings

      Em               Am7    Am7/G F              F/G

But I've got some dreams  If that means anything

     C             G7 C7            F                          Fm

Oh times like this When we laugh and when we speak

Em        Am7 Am7/G F                F/G       C

I can't believe   that it shouldn't be you and me


C                                      Em

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of you

F          F/G              C

Is it the right thing to do

C                                  Em

Should I keep believing? Should I keep dreaming

       Dm7                              F/G    C

that you and I will be together some day ~ *


F                    Fm                 Em                  A7

Darling if I just close my eyes All I see is you by my side

F Em Dm7  Em A7                  F                        Fm

   No matter the distance You'll always be on my mind *


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