Motivation: Uncomfortable vs Exhaustion


Since the start of the year, I have added resistance band workouts to my daily routine.


I aim to squeeze out the workout first thing in the morning having read somewhere that exercising in the morning helps to keep the body’s metabolism high throughout the day.


But more often than not, when the alarm goes off at 6:00 am, the voices in my head conjure up 101 reasons why I should trade my workout for a snooze.


When the mental sirens warn of my flagging willpower, I put on my secret weapon:



The synergistic combination of the sombre music (violin+cello?), the testosterone-charged dictation and confrontational questions never fail to have a hypnotic grip over me, flooding me with the determination to peel away from my sheets.


     How hungry are you to improve?

     How big is your appetite for success?

     What are you willing to do to reach your dreams?


Ever since I received my JBL Wireless Speakers, it has been inducted into this morning ritual. Swapping my iPhone inbuilt speakers with the superior JBL speakers, it is not just the volume that gets amplified, but the clarity and impact of the message, driving me to work even harder and push beyond discomfort.



In fact, I find that the influence of the video extends beyond exercising. Whenever I find my zest for life waning, I turn to this video to raise my motivation by a notch or two.


Want more? Check out the inventory of motivational songs on Chords Haven.


Are you ready to be inspired? I leave you with the words in the video.


     No one ever said that being successful was gonna be easy.

     But I’ll tell you one thing, it sure as hell is worth it.

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