New Toys!


Presenting my new toys! Three bluetooth speakers: a JBL flip, a JBL charge and a JBL microwireless!



For the uninitiated, JBL is more ubiquitous than you think.


Not convinced?


Have you ever busted out the moves to the groove of Maroon 5 performing “Moves Like Jagger” at their live concert?



Have you ever gotten goosebumps listening to Kit Chan crooning “Home” at the National Day Parade?



Have you ever been immersed in the 3D and surround sound experience at the Shaw Theatres Lido IMAX ?


Have you chilled out to the relaxing music that permeates the interiors of Marina Bay Sands?



Yup. All JBL.


When I was handed the toys, I was so excited to test them out.


With all the hype that comes with the reputation of JBL in producing high-quality sound with elaborated systems, I was eager to find out if they are able to translate all this technology to the compact counterparts.


I paired the JBL speakers one by one with my iPhone and put on David Guetta – Titanium, my current favourite song for evaluating speakers. The opening guitar riffs tests the treble tones and the bass test kicks in sometime in the chorus.


I was impressed. The high frequency parts were crisp and the bass packs a punch that is unparalleled by comparable portable products in the market.


Hearing the song play through the speakers, I acquired an appreciation for JBL’s motto:


Hear the Truth



Wanna lay your hands on them too?


Head down to the JBL Sound Gallery at Raffles Hotel Arcade (328 North Bridge Road).


Or VOTE for your favourite blogs (Chords Haven!) to stand a chance to win these speakers!


Are you ready to hear the truth?

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