The Simple Pleasures


In the good old days where the web wasn’t as world-wide and phones weren’t smart, the radio was a key feature in the growing up years for many people.


The nights spent listening to the random playlist of songs and the mindless chattering of the DJ; and the excitement that grips you when your favourite songs come up. All that seems so trivial now.


Do you remember <音乐日记>?


Hosted by 灵芝 & later 佩芬, each episode features a moving story that tugs at your heart strings through the emotive narration and the infusion of matching songs.




     [音乐日记 opening song: 范曉萱 - Rain]


There’s also <大头芬的世界> which features the stories of a girl nicknamed 大头芬 and her quirky friends 大奶彬, 阿Toot, 天才庆, from secondary school till university. The stories can still be found at:


With the introduction of mp3 and youtube, listening to the local radio station becomes more of a nostalgic activity.



There are the nights where I would turn on the halogen lamp, stream 93.3 on my iPhone through the bluetooth speakers (I no longer have a radio in my room), and regress into the simple and rudimentary pleasures of listening to the radio.


When was the last time you did that?


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