The Virtual Guitarist


While making my rounds to guitar shops searching for a ukulele, I was treated to more than the array of guitars but the different types of people who were trying out the guitars!


Then it occurred to me that it would be interesting to come up with an informal classification of the different types of guitarists out there.



So which type of guitarist are you?


With the flourishing of smartphones and tablets, there is now a new type of guitarist – the virtual one. I was first inspired to try virtual guitar-playing after watching this video:



Recently I found a way to bring virtual guitar-playing to a whole new level!


Pairing the phone with my JBL Charge is like plugging the guitar into an amplifier (without the annoying cables!). No EQ, no reverb, but it more than makes up for in tone and sound quality.


By coupling to the bluetooth speakers, fiddling with the virtual guitar becomes elevated from casual playing to some serious performing. It sorts of sets the stage for a mini concert:



     Just shoot for the stars if it feels right

     Just aim for my heart if you feel like


Mind blowing~. You’ve gotta try it for yourself.


For more info on:


1. guitar apps:

2. JBL bluetooth speakers:

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