Domino's New Menu Launch


A boy called for pizza delivery:


Boy: I would like to order a large Hawaiian Pizza.

Operator: Okay...

Boy: Will it be long?

Operator: No… It will be round as usual.


Ever since I got to know about Domino’s Pizza through a blogger session ~2 years ago, I have been a big fan. Thus I was delighted when I received the invitation to their new menu launch.


The session kicked off with Janet (with her new spunky hairstyle) welcoming us to the event. And the ever lovely Marketing Manager of Domino's Pizza, Linda Hassan then shared with us some interesting facts about Domino’s:


#1 You won’t have to wait longer than 30 mins for your pizza to arrive! If your order comes later than that, you will receive a free Personal Pizza voucher as compensation! *evil grin*


#2 All pizzas and sides are baked instead of deep fried and corn flour is used instead of oil to prevent the pizza base from sticking. In other words, it’s the healthier option.


#3 It offers the best value. 2 regular pizzas for only $22 nett. GST inclusive; No delivery charge.


#4 It is so easy to order. Call 6222-6333; Go online:; or simply use the Domino’s iPhone App!


#5 You can order SEVEN days in advance. Being a control freak, incomplete tasks gnaws at me. With the advanced booking, I can check off “order food' 7 days before an event!


To introduce the eight new flavours, Linda whipped out a giant version of the menu which looks amusingly like a product of Doraemon's magnifier torch! 放大灯!



As with other blogger food tasting sessions, we had to practice delayed gratification. With the spread of hot piping pizzas, drumlets and nuggets laid on the table, we had to wait like ten minutes for everyone to get satisfactory shots of the dishes. No one dared to displace any morsel of the pizza lest incurring the wrath of the other bloggers.



When the all clear command was given, the slices of pizzas flew off the boxes. The flavours that were dismantled the fastest were the prawn range. It is not surprising for it is not often that you see plumped succulent prawns on pizzas. And Linda assured us that the prawns for normal pizzas are as big as what we had.



My favourite new creation is the Alfredo Prawn Thin Crust with Top Secret Sauce (see top left quadrant)! The pizza tasted really delicious from the blend of creamy cheese, garlic and pineapple bits enhanced by the juicy prawns.


Also well known for Domino's is their sweet treats. Not exactly a fan of deserts, I shall record the opinions of my new blogger friends instead. Siti gave a shriek on digging into the caramel while Wilson agreed that 'once you start, you cannot stop'. So there!



It was another enjoyable night getting to know other writers in the blogger sphere over good food. Big thanks to OMY and Domino’sfor the invite. Cheers!

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