Honor Society - Where Are You Now


Key: C#
Capo 1 – Play C


          C                                                  G/B

To my favorite teacher, told me never give up

          Am7                                                  Am7/G

To my fifth grade crush, who I thought I really loved

          F                            G                                           C

To the guys I miss, and the girls we kissed Where are you now?

          C                                                           G/B

To my ex-best friends, don't know how we grew apart

          Am7                                                 Am7/G

To my favorite bands, and sing-alongs in my car

          F                      G                                    C

To the face I see in my memories Where are you now?



* Where are you now? 'Cause I'm thinking of you

       G/B            Am7

You showed me how, how to live like I do

      Dm7                          G                   C (Am7 G/B)

If it wasn't for you, I would never be who I am


          C                                                        G/B

To my first girlfriend I thought for sure was the one

          Am7                                               Am7/G

To my last girlfriend, sorry that I screwed it up

          F                                G                                          C

To the ones I loved, but didn't show it enough Where are you now? *


C                                        Am7     G/B

I know we'll never see those days again

C                                        Am7   G/B

And things will never be that way again

               C             Am7             F                                        G

But that's just how it goes, people change, but I know I won't forget you


          D                                                                 A/C#

To the ones who cared and who were there from the start

          Bm7                                                Bm7/A

To the love that left and took a piece of my heart

          G                                   A                                         D

To the few who'd swear I'd never go anywhere Where are you now?



Where are you now? 'Cause I'm thinking of you

       A/C#          Bm7

You showed me how, how to live like I do

     Em7                           A                    Bm7 D

If it wasn't for you, I would never be who I am

     Em7                            A                   Bm7 D

If it wasn't for you, I would never be who I am

     Em7                         A                               D

If it wasn't for you, I'd be nothing Where are you now?


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