Jayesslee - Failure in Disguise


Key: F
Capo 5 – Play C


Am7              G/D                         Fmaj7              G7/F 

Have you ever felt like you were the only one on the road

Am7              G/D                      Fmaj7             G7/F

Have you ever wonder where has everybody gone

              Am7 G/D  Fmaj7     G7/F

Have you ever  felt abandoned

              Am7 G/D  Fmaj7 G7/F

Have you ever  felt alone


          C                C/B       Am7           F

* Well I, I hear your cry and I, I feel your pain

  C                      C/B                         Am7

I know, you try so hard to make things right

          Am7/G                 F   G7/F                Am7 G/D F G7/F

to overcome this endless fight Just don’t give up


Am7              G/D                   Fmaj7               Fmaj7 G

Have you ever felt like you just stepped over the line

Am7                   G/D                   Fmaj7             Fmaj7 G

And then did you just pretend that everything was fine

        G    Am7 G/D   Fmaj7                     Fmaj7 G

Have you ever  felt, nobody know who you are

        G    Am7 G/D        Fmaj7

Have you ever  felt like a failure in disguise * *


                      C                       F 

Just don’t give up Just don’t give up

                      Em                F

Just don’t give up I won't give up


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