Richard Marx - Can't Help Falling In Love


Key: G


G      D/F# Em       Am7 G     Dsus2/F# 

Wise man say only fools rush in

      C D     Em  C           Dsus4 D    G

But I  can’t help falling in love     with you

G      D/F# Em              Am7 G Dsus2/F#

Shall I       stay would it be     a sin

  C D        Em  C          Dsus4 D    G

If I, I can-t help falling in love    with you


  C              G/B   C                 G/B

* Like a river flows Surely to the sea

C         G/B         Am7             G             F (Dsus2/F#)

Darling so it goes Some things are meant to be


G    D/F# Em               Am7   G Dsus2/F#

Take my hand take my whole life to

      C D       Em  C           Dsus4 D   G

But I, I can’t help falling in love    with you * ~

(Play ~ in A)


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