AJ Rafael - Red Roses


Key: Bb

Capo 3 – Play G


G             D/F#                              D/F                            

There you are With your light brown hair

                          E7                    Am7

Apologize 'cause all that I did was stare

                         Am7/G#                         Am7/G

And no I'm not a creeper I swear that I'm a keeper

                        D7sus4        D      G

I'm just glad you noticed that I was there

               D/F#                              D/F

I got your name but I didn't get your number

                             E7                      Am7

So now I'm left with all this regret and wonder

                           Am7/G#                              Am7/G

Would you wanna see me Or would you wanna kiss me


I'm getting way ahead of myself

   D    Em                     A7                   C            D7sus4 D  

~ But I can't get you off of my mind No I can't No I can't


            G                                      A7 

* Cause I wish I would've asked you out


I wish I didn't have these doubts about myself

                  F                       D7sus4 D

For those 3 minutes that you stood in front of me

G                               A7                                    Am7

I wish I hadn't walked away I wish I had the guts to say

                               F                                      D7sus4 D         G

Would you be mine I wish I woulda asked you to be my   valentine 

A7                     Am7 F     Dsus4 D

Ooh Be my valentine   Yeah


      G    D/F#              D/F                          E7                               Am7

Uh, so I had one more chance To gather my thoughts and just spit it out

                                   Am7/G#                           Am7/G

But now I've missed the moment And now I'd never know if

                    D7sus4     D               G

You'll answer yes to the questions I ask

                 D/F#       D/F           E7                                   Am7

So now I'm here Without you I'm crushed cause I got these roses

               Am7/G#           Am7/G                     D7sus4     D

These red roses and God knows that I would've given them to you ~


Am7                 G/B                                 C                                       F

I hope that you notice That I'm still paintin' roses Or should I let this all go *


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