Visit to Alive Museum Singapore


The last time we had to pose for so many photos, contorting our heads, limbs and torsos to the orders of the photographer was during our wedding photoshoot.


Turn your head slightly to the left, lift your right shoulder, tuck in your left foot, eyes stare into space…


On Sunday,we put ourselves through the same ordeal, minus the costumes, makeup and props, plus an added dose of fun. Not a breeze, but the output was certainly worth it (at least more than our expensive yet less-than-impressive wedding photos!).


Yes, we were at the Alive museum Singapore! Thanks to omy and Alive Museum, we were granted a visit to the 3D illusionary art museum which hails from South Korea.


For more than 2 hours, we immersed in the fantasy-scape, stepped into the frames of over 80 artworks, partaking in the different adventures with several well-known characters.


The lecherous foot reflexologist and window cleaner.


Kowtow to the rickshaw puller.


Lying in mother’s arm.


The glutton and the bikini babe.


Watch it Michael!


Merlion: our precious source of water.


Deep in discussion with Steve. Heh heh, over hot babes on computer screen.


Delicious sundae?


Kiss my missus? I cut your web.


Beware of flying kicks!


Heh! Another water source.


Tom and Jerry.




Tiring day @ the zoo.


Superman leave me in the lurch. 重色轻友.


Homegrown paddlers.


Honey I shrunk the kids!


That’s why I’d to keep refilling my water bottle.


 New standard obstacle course (SOC).


Can’t wait to experience the fun? Here are 10 tips to get the most out of your visit to the Alive Museum:


#1 Avoid weekends & peak periods.


The rooms can get quite cramped when the museum is crowded. It becomes difficult to get pictures without people standing in the way.


#2 Be prepared to say & hear: 'excuse me, you are in my photo' like a million times.


Practise to say that in your kindest tones and be gracious when people shoo you.


#3 Be prepared for people to cut your queue.


Most of the time, they don’t do it on purpose. Just approach them nicely and don't let them ruin your mood.


#4 Refer to sample pictures but get creative.


Beside each artwork, there is a sample picture which illustrates how the artwork should be photographed. It is advisable to refer to them but do get creative. You wouldn't want your photos to look exactly like the millions of them on google search.


#5 Stand at designated photo points to take photos.


The photo point labels on the floor indicate the positions to showcase the illusionary nature of the artwork the best.



#6 Resist the instinct to pose immediately.


It appears to be a reflex to pose immediately on stepping up to the artwork. But more often than not, you are not in the ideal position and the photographer is flapping to get your attention. For goodness sakes, look at the photographer and listen for instructions.


#7 Visit light.


Either your barang barang features in your photos or you have to put them down and pick them up like a million times. And you run the risk of leaving them unattended while taking photos.


#8 Moderate your energy, camera battery and memory.


With more than 80 pieces of artwork, it is not uncommon to: (1) suffer from posing and photo fatigue towards the end; (2) run out of battery; (3) run out of memory space. Either pack on extra of those or moderate them to last the entire visit.


#9 Adjust your camera exposure to ensure that your subject is not overexposed.


The powerful lighting to illuminate the artworks can very often cause your ‘model’ to become overexposed in the photo. So make sure you adjust the exposure setting to take in less light. For phone photographers, it is as simple as tapping on the brighter regions on the screen before taking the photo.


#10 Forget image.


The best photos come from the ugliest poses. Just let the fun take you over.


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  1. "Honey, I shrunk the kids!" Good job giant mom! :P