10 Songs You Should Not Listen To During Exam Period



Listen to them one too many times and they could shape your fate unconsciously


1. Christina Aguilera - Blank Page


Curse: Paper so hard you turn in a blank script.



2. Westlife - Swear It Again




And you swear it all over again…


3. Michael Learns to Rock - 25 minutes


Curse: You arrive 25 minutes after the paper ends.


Boy I'm sorry you are 25 minutes too late…


4. Glee Cast - Can’t Fight This Feeling


Curse: You get the runs in the middle of the exam.


I can't fight this feeling any longer…


5. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love


Curse: Your script comes back covered in red ink.



6. Carrie Underwood - Good Girl


Curse: This one is more sinister.

Keep listening to Good Girl and yea, your exams will be GG.



7. One Republic - Stop and Stare


Curse: You get stumped by this one question for the entire time.


Stop and stare. I think I’m moving but I go no where…


8. Avril Lavigne - Complicated


Curse: Your paper is filled with higher order thinking questions.


Why you have to come and make things so complicated?


9. Cee Lo Green - Forget You


Curse: You forget everything you have studied. Mind blank.



10. Michael Bublé - Sway


Curse: If 'sway' carries another meaning other than moving from side to side, it is likely to affect you. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.



Disclaimer: To all students sitting for exams, please do not take this too seriously. It is only meant to help you relieve some stress.


Keep calm and study on!



  1. The Scientist by coldplay

  2. Ain't nobody got time for that , Today I don't feel like doing anything