Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2《单身男女2》Movie Review


I knew it ain’t over.


When doe-eyed Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan) made the rational decision of accepting the proposal of reliable Martian Fang Qihong (Daniel Woo) over philandering Earthling Zhang Shen-Ran (Louis Koo) despite her deep-seated feelings for the latter.


Because romance movies aren't supposed to end this way.


I'd secretly hoped for an alternate ending; one that befits the idealistic overtures of irrational and romantic love.


So with Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (单身男女2) where the dust hasn't settled on this love story, we are treated to yet another 80-minute instalment and the possibility of the 'perfect' ending.


The winning elements in the first movie were ported over to the second:


cross building window flirting,



post-it art,



quirky characters and happenings,



exotic talismanic pets,



elaborate expressions of love, and



emotive theme songs


陶喆 - 爱很简单 [chords]



岑宁儿 - 没那么简单 [chords]



Upgrades came in the form of more hilarious scenes and more outlandish expressions of love, and greater mayhem in the web of relationships now involving 5 people with Yang Yang Yang (Miriam Yeung) and Paul (Vic Chou) joining in the foray. There was also the witty juxtaposition of characters and themes (Martian vs Earthling, Yang Yang vs Zixin, 爱很简单 vs 没那么简单).



Like its predecessor, the movie succeeds in indulging viewers in the many fantasies of modern people: immense wealth, lavish spending, fast cars, expensive dining, dating attractive people, and basking in extravagant love.


Some may criticize it for perpetuating humans’ discontent with the reality by such unrealistic portrayals, but to me, the escapade is akin to an emotional spa visit where one gets brief respite from the mundane.


So how about a dose of endorphins for you?


Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (单身男女2) opens in cinemas on 13 November!



Many thanks to and Clover Films for the invitation to the preview screening.

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