Emi Fujita - Wishes


Key: G#
Capo 1 – Play G


Intro: lG  lG  l


G          B/Eb Em        Em/D           C         D                    G

I looked in the sky and there I saw a star shining so bright above

G B/Eb        Em         Em/D                 C            D                   G

I  closed my eyes and wished upon the star that I would find true love


G      B7/F#                Em Em/D C      D                      G

Someone who needed me           Someone to share my life

G      B7/F#                 Em Em/D   A7   Am7 Dsus4 D

For a love that would be true I would wait for    ever

G  Am7 Bm                   B7      Em Em/D   C   Cm

So no    matter how long it may be  I will be waiting

  G D/F# Em Am7                  D D/C

* One     star brighter than the others

Bm  Em     Am7                 D D/C

Two hearts beating for each other

Bm Em Am7          Dsus4   G

I believe wishes really come true


G     B/Eb   Em     Em/D               C           D                   G

Love at first sight I knew it from the moment when you said hello

  G             B/Eb Em      Em/D                 C   D                 G

I hoped you felt it too but we were both so shy how was I to know


G       B7/F#                    Em Em/D C D                         G

When you reached for my hand         I knew you were the one

G    B7/F#                       Em    Em/D  A7      Am7    Dsus4 D

We laughed and talked for hours like I'd known you forever

G     Am7 Bm                        B7      Em   Em/D            C       Cm

Like a      dream or something from a book True love has found me *


Bm    Em Am7          Dsus4   Em

Now I see wishes really come true

Em  B7                       Em              B7                        C      Cm

You just have to dream Nothing's as bad as it seems to be believe me


G D/F# Em   Am7         B/Eb   Em Em/D          C Cm

Some   one's waiting for you to try  There in the sky *


Bm       Em Am7          D          G   D/F# Em Em/D C D

You will see wishes really come true

G    D/F#            Em   Em/D C         D           G

You can't stop believing         wishes do come true

       D/F#    Em Em/D C         D           G

You gotta believe me   wishes do come true


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